Eputar is a consultancy that helps smaller businesses, start-ups , and third-sector organisations with their accounting, financial management, and business management technology.

Business management cannot function well and efficiently with discrete, disjointed systems and silos of information. How your organisation brings together its business processes, its management processes, its accounting and financial management processes, that's what we're here to help you do.

Teamwork and collaboration is the cornerstone of every good and successful organisation and Eputar is no different ... we work with trusted local partners to help provide the right specialist support and solutions for your business.

About Eputar

Formed in 2015 after 30 years in the accounting profession, founder Mark Casson established Eputar to distill the wealth of experience gained in a broad range of disciplines (accounting, auditing and assurance services, project and programme management, technology management) and focus this for the benefit of small organisations.

Eputar is particularly keen to support start-ups and small third-sector organisations as well more established SME businesses.

About Mark

Having studied music at university, I entered the accounting profession in 1985 ... back in the days before there were computers in offices, when most business records were kept in paper-based ledgers ... when doing a cashflow involved using a pencil, a rubber (essential) and multi-column analysis paper ... how times have changed!

Living and working through the years since 1985 have taught me a lot about change, and one thing is for sure ... we're not finished yet!

If your business needs change, if you're feeling stuck in your business, if you need help to get your innovation off the drawing desk ... I'm here to help.